Alexx Ekubo Delighted As He Gets Ready To Be On Set With Tony Umez

Alexx Ekubo & Tony Umez set to feature in new movie…
Nollywood Veteran, Tony Umezhas been off our screen for a while. Well, he’s back and according to Alex Ekubo.

The duo are set to work on Umez’s new project together, “Faded Petals”.

Ekubo wrote; “Am i the only one that misses Uncle Tony Umez onscreen?? Well i have the honor & privilege of working with him first hand on this project #FadedPetals. Such a fun & jovial person, God bless your kind heart sir. 🙏🏾”
Tony Umez is a Nigerian actor.

He has acted in more than 200 Nollywood films of both English and Yoruba languages since his debut in the 1994 film Died Wretched: Buried in N2.3m Casket.

He also has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in English and International Law and Diplomacy respectively from the University of Lagos.


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