NLB NEWS : Cleveland Cavaliers’ Twitter Calls Out Warriors For Using “Defend Our Ground”

The Golden State Warriors began their journey back to the NBA Finals yesterday afternoon with a 121-109 win over the Blazers at Oracle Arena, in which fans in attendance received shirts that read, “Defend Our Ground.”

No issue there, right? Just your basic “protect this house” type slogan for the fans to rally behind. Not so fast.
Cleveland Cavaliers fans were quick to point out that Golden State’s new slogan is eerily similar to the Cavs’ mantra, “Defend The Land,” which somehow morphed into a “Ground vs. Land” roast on twitter.

Check out some of the reactions to the Warriors’ “Defend Our Ground” t-shirts below

You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about #DefendtheLand @cavs
— Ant Man 🐜 (@BigAnt_Szn)
April 16, 2017

“Copy the homework, just change it a little” @warriors
— Sports Nation Ohio (@SN_Ohio) April 16, 2017

“Our new slogan is due at 8:30pm tonight”

“But boss, it’s 8:18pm”

“Get it done”

1 minute to 8:30:
— Cleveland Cam (@CamCleveland) April 16, 2017

“Hey, what should our playoff shirts say?”
“I donno, let’s just copy the NBA champs”
— Cleveland Sportsline (@CLEsportsline) April 16, 2017

Golden State’s marketing department is as original as…
— McNeil (@Reflog_18)
April 16, 2017

You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about
— 15 (@NoRibsNoRice_)
April 16, 2017

When #DefendTheLandsaw #DefendOurGround
— John (@JohnHillbery)
April 16, 2017


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