#NLBNEWS : Reasons Why Most Nigerian Up-coming Artists Fail And Few Others Succeed (Read) – By @Osascruz


So many artiste wonder why they don’t get to succeed in the  Nigerian Music industry and most times they feel they are cursed not to succeed but trust me if you work wisely (work hard) & take advantage of every positive opportunity you would be just more than your expectation.Currently  record labels are going through a lotof challenges as many signed and successful artiste ask for Cars,houses forgetting the mostimportant thing which is Promotion .After these record labels have spent a lot of money to get the artist to  limelight and successful at the end of the day these artiste back out of the record deal  a year or two with the mindset of been cheated upon  with the percentage share &  with the feeling  of “YES!!! I can do it now alone they can go f*#k themselves and stop making money from my effort” but  they forgetting the spotlight opportunity that was given to them by these record label  while they were ripping off the effort  of the label boss  or whoever believed so much in them & gave them the Spotlight . They probably would have been in the same upcoming artiste level till they finally give up . Now that’s not the issue though let me outline some important issues why most Nigerian artiste fail ..


Many artists are under-funded  .Sometimes this is a result of lack of funds to begin with. Sometimes it is because the available funds are not spent wisely. Successful artists know that they need to constantly invest and reinvest in their act. They establish a budget and stick with it. They raise capital if it is necessary, whether it comes from investors, crowd sourcing, a loan or some sort of enterprising venture. If they are not good at managing their money, they hire someone who is “A Manager” . They do not let money, or the lack of it stop them. Many artists quit too soon. Maybe they have had some success and so they stop doing the things that got them there. Many just get tired of wasting time, money and effort, when all the while they have started creating the kind of buzz that can lead to much bigger and better things.

Successful artists refuse to give in. They are determined to figure the puzzle out. They measure the results of their efforts so they see and work to capitalise on even the smallest amounts of progress. Talent Many artists think they are talented enough to cut through the clutter and stand out among the millions of other artists competing for the same fans. Successful artists work tirelessly at their crafts and strive to be the absolute best songwriters, performers, musicians etc. They are always looking for ways to improve, both individually and as a group. Uniqueness Many Nigerian  artists are trying to be the nextlike 2face, Wizkid, Davido, Timaya, Burna Boy, Patoranking, Omawunmi  etc  instead of creating a sound and look all their own. Even though they may be incredibly talented, nothing about them distinguishes them from the artists they hear on the radio or the multitude of similar artists vying for attention. Successful artists know that the best way to stand out from the crowd is to be unique in as many ways as possible, and they work hard at it. They also know how to build a brand around their uniqueness.
The Work Ethic Many artists are not willing to do the behind the scenes work that successful artists do relentlessly.  If you ask them they will simply tell you this “No record label” but then go back and see the reason why a label is scared of signing you above . You as an artiste may be waiting to be discovered but trust me  you have to first  create your own success by making plenty of effort like
1)      Get a good producer & record your own song with your money .
2)      Attend shows and ask for a spotlight by performing because you just don’t know who is watching.
3)      Make a promotional CD ,branded  most importantly and try getting it to people that aresuccessful in the Industry or  Promoters & Deejays, Bloggers, Reviewers . Branded CD’s shows the level of the seriousness in you.
4)      Get yourself online & make push out promotion ,disturb the Internet “facebook, twitter, instagram with your song.Trust me everybody will notice, the Internet is the easiest way of distributing your music to the world.
5)      You don’t believe in Talent Hunt so you don’t attend ,Please change your mindset .

Ineffective Efforts:

Many artists think they are doing the right things, but for some reason they are not hitting the mark. Some of the reasons for this are that they are not doing enough, are doing the wrong things, are doing things wrong, are missing some of the pieces or do things in the the wrong order. Also included in this list are the artists who do things for the wrong reasons. Many just throw everything against the wall to see what sticks. Successful artists know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it,and how to get the most from it. Building Relationships Many artists do not take the time to build relationships both in the industry and with their fans. It’s very important you build relationship with promoters & your fans . Yes even with your money some will have you begging them to feature your  work but if  remember success is your aim .  Successful artists do both, and they know how to keep and continuously deepen those relationships
Team Many artists try to do everything themselves”One Man Mopol”. This may be because they want to retain complete control, or it may be because they don’t know how to put a strong team together. Often no one wants to work with them because they don’t have anything happening.
Successful artists know how to make themselves attractive to key team members. They know how to assemble a powerful team and keep them engaged.
Become Unpredictable Many artists get stuck in ruts and never climb out of them, becoming stale and predictable. This can become evident in their music, their stage show, the look and feel of their marketing, they way they dress and everything else they do. Successful artists are always adding new dimensions to themselves.
They keep everyone curious about just what they are going to come up with next. They not only watch the trends, they either jump ahead of them or set their own. They find ways to become pioneers. They avoid stagnation by constantly reinventing themselves, all the while remaining true to their fans and their brand.Packaging .Many artists look like amateurs. Their promo materials, if they have them they are not attractive.
Many don’t dress appropriately, especially for shows . Successful artists know that everything about them and everything thatrepresents them has to make them look like they are in the major leagues. They never settle for ‘good enough.’ They hire experienced graphic designers to create their online and print marketing.
They dress like business people when it is appropriate. They know that their biggest competitors are doing the same!
There are countless more reasons why some artists fail and some succeed. Timing, unforeseen circumstances such as illness, lack of family support, etc.


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