#NLBNEWS : Five Resons Why Olamide Album (Eyan Mayweather) Is Going To Be The Dopest For 2015/2016


Olamide 5th Album “Eyan Mayweather” dropssoon and here is Five reason why the Album might just be the dopest album around.See below:-

5. uniqueness we all Know olamide, A very Talented individual, a Rapper and a singer at The same Time. Far Before now, he has been doing This Before, He rely on nobody, his Independent Life brought him To where he his Today.

4. His Not Giving Up Character Olamide aka Badoo is a Kind Of artist That without Him Reaching Where He choose To be, He would Never stop, One of Major Aim in The music industry is That he love setting and breaking records at The same Time. He was the 1st artist to Release Five albums in a straight good Five Years. And Now he is going to be the 1st Artist To Release a album consisting of 21tracks without a Feature. 9ice almost did it back Then, but vector was featured in a track.

3. Courageous, unassisted many of Those who Knows olamide back then will Know what he passes Through Before Getting To where He is Today. Even his manager Toni payne (9ice Baby mama) Stops paying no attention because He is not Bringing Money To the label, and now see how things Turn Out, He now owns one of the biggest label In Nigeria, his hardworks Provided him This, not the help of anyone.

2. He uncomplicatedly Release Hit songs releasing a Jam to would be raving The street for many Months before Fading out is not a problem For badoo. Since The discovery Of olamide up Till Now, He has release Hit songs more than any Other artist in nigeria. (wizkid is the only artist he can be compared To in This category).

1. Twin Genre Of musicsThe album is going To consist Of feverous rapJam Like Eni duro, Young Erikina etc, pliable Inspirational Singles Like Melo etc and Street Bangers Like shakiti Bobo etc. With These, Just ratiocinalize How dope This album is Going To be.

Writter by:- Everest Nwatu


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